Logo Competition

Thank you to the 9 members who entered the competition, Irina Cawton, Kathie Gregory,Toni Goffe, Cynthia House, Sara C Lee, Tamsin Lord, Stephanie Manchipp, Glynis Mills and Peggy Pickering. The standard of the designs was very high and professional. I presented the designs to the Selection Committee anonymously. They unanimously chose the design of Stephanie Manchipp as the winner. Stephanie had kept `mum` to the others about entering the competition and kept out of the discussions, so it was a big surprise when the
artwork was turned over to reveal her name.

logo big

Winning Logo by Stephanie Manchipp


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Exhibition Photos

Slide Shows
See the photos of each exhibition as a slide show. Click the links below and sit back and watch the show. These will be quite large photos and may take a while to load.

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